Individuality makes U Beautiful

More Nellie Band Names

L.A. Ice Cream Social

Morning Luster

Star Crossed Alliance

Latte Lock Step

Espresso Chieftains

Sunshine sound circus

Sister Cute and Fingers

Lunchroom Professionals

Cafe’ Roadies

Boomerang  Mutiny

Tollbooth Commitment

Note Collision Workshop

Electrical  Freedom

Torpedo  Rodeo

Wind Up Toys

Five N Dime Vacation

Gaiety Angles

Music Park

Grey Wolf Clan

Sand Castles

Nice: I love both their voices

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

A book by Susan Cain - This book reflects on the contributions of people considered to be introverted.  Innovative, thoughtful, detail oriented individuals that have changed the world.

For all my introverted friends, this is a must read!  You have no idea how important you are to the world, and possibly the future to come.

Band names for Nellie



hurdy gurdy dancers,

Star Light Legacy,

Random Universe or Random Cozmos,

(monkey licking baboons ;-) just kidding there)

Cloud Riders,

Star Fighter Consortium,

Whispering Mystics,

Blissful Redemption and The Snookums, or

Snookums and The Blissful Redemption,

Midnight Sparrow,

Dream World Authority,

Poets For The Introverted,

The Unexpected Past,

Blog Surfers,

Fan Fiction Police,

The Song Excursion,

Beauty of Noise,

Air Pirates,

By Any Other Name,

Trolly Car Racers,

Musical Turn-style,

Humans by Day,


We are all made of stars on Flickr.

Nice ;-)


We are all made of stars on Flickr.

Nice ;-)


I’m sorry, I’m from the Mid-West here, a wallow in these parts is a large mud pit where pigs go to cool off on a hot summer day, whenever I hear that word I think of hogs down in the wallow, I’m just say.  Have fun with your project though, it may turn out to be loads of fun.   8-)